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Book - CUES: for Learning and Teaching in Flow, 2014

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Bill Hubert taught for many years in many settings. Always he found students struggling—cognitively and/or physically and/or socially. He did his best for them but could see his efforts were of small value. Watching them, always watching them, over time these strugglers began to teach him. He learned from them that optimal teaching is one thing, optimal learning another, and both must occur simultaneously for optimal gain. This book does not prescribe how to teach. He says little here about actual teaching moments. This book’s focus is on PRE-teaching moments, how to prepare learner and teacher for quality time together. In short chapters and spare sentences Hubert speaks to all teachers, OTs, PTs, rehab specialists, counselors, speech/language therapists, parents of children with academic troubles, parents of children with severe special needs—to everyone who works to benefit anyone who struggles to learn. His message is clear: so much depends upon what happens first, upon cues.