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Book - Resonance: Elise and Other Bal-A-Vis-X Stories, 2nd Edition, 2016

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This is the complete story of the development of Bal-A-Vis-X, from 1980's through 2007 PLUS updated information in this 2016 second edition...from a single first grade classroom to the training of more than 15,000 teachers, therapists, parents in 45 states and beyond American borders:

Multiple stories of individual children, classrooms, clients of all ages told by BAVX instructors and parents

Multiple accounts by teachers, therapists, parents who, following BAVX training, have created their own BAVX programs

The step-by-step creation of BAVX in one corner of the world of Seniors

An inside look at the lives of Bill's Student Assistants, many of whom have worked/traveled with him more than five years

21st century understandings of
  how the brain works
  how cognitive processes are inextricably bound to physical movement
  why repetitive rhythmic physical movement benefits those who struggle as explained by neurologists, physicians, neuro-psychiatrists, therapists, Temple Grandin, Daniel Tammet, and others

And a fair number of laughs along the way.