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Desktop Bal-A-Vis-X

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Desktop Bal-A-Vis-X is designed in response to Covid-19. Its patterns are done on a desktop or table while seated. Instructions are symbol-based so non-readers of any age or language can follow them independently.

Some patterns are done by touching symbols with fingers, others by touching symbols with bags, others by sliding bags or fingers from symbol to symbol. Some patterns may also include feet.

Symbols are printed on a 16” x 20” durable mat that can be cleaned with soap/water, treated by alcohol spray or wipes, rolled to fit in a tube for storage. Other materials are two 3” sandbags with Ripstop nylon covers and 14 laminated instructional cards on a ring, all of which can also be treated by alcohol spray or wipes. (Note: bags are filled with sand so cannot be submerged in water.)

For maximum benefit, pace of movements should be moderate, steady, rhythmic. Each pattern crosses one or more midlines and demands visual tracking. Patterns can be done alone, or one-on-one with teacher/parent, or in small groups. Teaching the patterns can be done in-person or online.

By virtue of thousands of visual and physical midline crossings, patterns address neural integration, anxiety, focus, regulation, fidgeting, ADHD, digital dexterity, coordination—all while seated, essentially in silence.