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Trauma Informed Bal-A-Vis-X Kit

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Includes NEW Trauma Informed Bal-A-Vis-X DVD, a spiral-bound booklet with each pattern explained and diagrammed. Also included are 4 sandbags and 4 individual balls for practicing these new patterns. 

NEW -Trauma Informed Bal-A-Vis-X (TIB) consists of some 45 exercises plus four multi-tiered movement patterns. Exercises are specifically designed to address toxic stress.

The term Trauma Informed is used to distinguish this disc’s special content from previously published Bal-A-Vis-X material. The latter serves many purposes, often simultaneously. Only one purpose animates (informs) this content: to bring about self-induced and self-monitored mindfulness in measures of gradually increasing duration.

TIB Video is also available in streaming format from our Vimeo site: